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w2beauty and Bisou Beauty Bar Haul

Hello everyone!  I hauled today from w2beauty and Bisou Beauty Bar. I have become a little obsessed with cleansing waters lately after purchasing one from Shoppers Drug Mart called Bioderma Sensibo H20.  After seeing how gently it cleansed my skin in the… Continue Reading →

Review: Su:m37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick

Wanna know a secret? I’m bored of my Cerave Hydrating Cleanser. I know, right?? I love it, but I have been using it for so long (I just started bottle number 3!!) that I find myself longing for something a… Continue Reading →

Mini-Review: Samplepalooza 1

I have approximately seventeen million samples. I need to get rid of them before they take up any more space in my drawers.  I thought it would be fun to do some quick mini-reviews on the samples to see whether or… Continue Reading →

October Haul

Hello everyone!  I’m here again with another haul, this time from Jolse!  You can view my mini-review of Jolse as a seller here.  TL;DR, Jolse is a great seller! I received, for your viewing pleasure: Holika Holika Aloe Facial Cleansing… Continue Reading →

Review: CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser

This is the very first cleanser I bought and so I thought it would be appropriate to be one of my first reviews. I have to admit, it’s not the most exciting looking cleanser (I’m looking at you Tony Moly), but… Continue Reading →

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