Christmas is my favourite time of the year, and with it comes one the best holiday traditions: advent calendars!!!  Usually I get a giant chocolate one from Costco, but the last two years I have been doing things a little differently.

Last Christmas I bought (from Sephora) Benefit’s Advent Calendar.  It was $120 and I was expecting to be wowed.  Unfortunately, what I got was a bunch of product minis plus cheap hairbands.  Ugh.  Fast forward to this year.  I’m thinking about going back to my old holiday fallback of chocolate.  Then I get an email from The Face Shop– a glorious, stupendous email about their new advent calendar.  An Asian Beauty calendar with large products for only $60?? TAKE ALL MY MONEY!

I am so happy that I thought I would share my advent calendar with the world!  Here is what I got for Day 1, December 1.

[1]2015-12-01 08.29.07

Here’s the advent calen– wait a second! Get away from that, cat! You are a cat, you don’t need beauty products!!

[2]2015-12-01 08.29.33

That’s better! Here is the advent calendar in all its giant glory.

[3]2015-12-01 08.29.44

Just so you can appreciate how big it is, here is a face mask for scale.

[4]2015-12-01 08.30.43

The inside of the calendar. Ooooh shiny!

[5]2015-12-01 08.32.07

I wonder what’s behind the first door?

[6]2015-12-01 08.32.36

Cherry Blossom Perfumed Hand Cream!!!

[7]2015-12-01 08.32.55

Very nice!

[8]2015-12-01 08.34.01

This cream smells really nice and has a light and airy texture. Perfect for soothing the dry winter skin on my hands!